Aircraft Management

What is YOUR time worth?  Would you like to focus on just flying your plane?  There are several gains in using our management services.  You'll receive several discounts that make it worth your while, but, more importantly, you'll save a lot of time.  The time you save, alone, is well worth the investment.  Let us manage your aircraft for you so you can fully enjoy the experience, maximize your time and just fly!  Here is what we offer in our management services:

  • Luxury Package


    • Discount on pilot services
      • Flight Instruction
      • Professional Pilot
    • Management of Pull-Out's and Push-Back's
    • Management of Fuel Services
    • Communication with all entities as needed (including catering, FBO & others)
    • Maintenance Supervision
      • TKS top off (discount on fluid)
      • Aircraft Logbook Review
      • XM Refresh for Lost Signal
      • Warranty Work
      • Service Bulletins


    • Itemized Monthly Report 
    • Aircraft Cleaning Coordination
    • Stock Luxury Storage Locker
    • TKS system cycle
    • Database Update


    • 2 training sessions (Schedule A/B) per year with no instructor cost
    • Registration (State)
    • Insurance (potential discount when coupled with Elevate)
    • Subscriptions Management
      • Jeppesen
      • XM Weather
      • XM Radio
      • Sat Phone
  • Economy Package

    Per Month

    • Database Updates
    • TKS Fluid for monthly cycle maintenance (up to 2 gallons/month)

    Per Year

    • 2 training sessions (Schedule A/B) with no instructor cost
    • Discounted flight training and pro pilot services


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