Aircraft Mysteries You’ve Probably Never Thought About

Aircraft Mysteries You’ve Probably Never Thought About

Jumbo Jet in the skyHave you ever sat in row 13 on an airplane? Have you ever wondered if the captain could roll down the cockpit window? No? Well, we bet you’re curious now. In fact, there are plenty of other airplane tidbits you’d probably love to know.

Interesting Aircraft Mysteries

Here are four aircraft mysteries you never thought you wanted to know:

  • Can a plane taxi in reverse? – Interesting question, right? The simple answer is yes, most aircraft can travel backward during taxing using reverse thrust. This is achieved by using devices that block the forward thrust from jet aircraft and redirect it forward, pushing the plane backward. There are a few airports in the United States where using reverse thrust is a common occurrence, however, there are a few factors that make the push-back procedure the more common way for aircraft to drive in reverse. The main of which is cost and environmental concerns. Using reverse thrust requires the use of extra jet fuel, which is quite expensive and can have a negative impact on our planet. Another concern is the impact it has on the plane’s engines. During reverse thrust, there is a fair amount of dust and debris that can be sucked up into the engine, not to mention the extra force placed on the airplane.
  • Do Airplanes Have Window Wipers? – Yes, cockpit windshields do have wipers for the same reasons you need wipers on for your car. They help remove water during rainy and even snowy conditions during takeoff or landing. Even though modern aircraft are equipped with incredible technology that can almost fly the plan automatically, pilots still need to have visibility in front of the airplane. Many planes have wipers systems that operate independently from one another the minimize the likelihood that both systems would be down at the same time. In fact, non-functioning wipers can be cause for a no-go when rainy conditions are expected during the flight. In addition to wiper systems, many modern airplanes are equipped with a hydrophobic coating on the windows. This coating has an effect on the surface tension of raindrops, creating an almost see-through film on the windshield which is very helpful for pilots.
  • Do the Cockpit Windows Open? – Yes and no. Not all the windows in the cockpit can open. In a Boeing 737 for example, there are only two out of six windows that can slide open. This is mainly to provide an escape route for the pilots if the normal access door is unusable. For this reason, there is also an escape strap mounted above these windows. Open windows can also be used to communicate with platform staff. Even though the windows can be opened for ground operations, they are locked securely during flight so you don’t have to worry about them opening when they shouldn’t. 
  • Do Larger Airplanes have a 13th Row? – If you are searching for row 13 on some aircraft, don’t hold your breath. Some airlines don’t have row 13 at all. What happened to row 13, you ask? The number 13 has some serious negativity associated with it and there are a lot of superstitious passengers out there so most airlines skip it altogether.

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