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See Utah from a rare and breathtaking perspective. Choose between the historic run over Promontory Point, the Great Salt Lake & Ogden or the mountain run over Salt Lake City, Park City & Heber. Tour flights may be booked at any time. For Scheduling call us: 801.845.9955 or visit us here.

  1. The Ogden Run (featuring the Great Salt Lake, Promontory Point, Ogden, Snow Basin among other points)
  2. The Park City Run (featuring Downtown Salt Lake City, U of U, Park City, Heber, and BYU along with other points)

Discovery Flight

Feel the exhilaration and excitement of flying a plane. Our Discovery Flight option allows you to discover the joys of flying and the possibilities of owning your own plane. This options will help you find out whether you want to become a pilot or simply own your plane. With our training and instruction courses you could be enjoying the freedoms of travel in no time. Or, with our piloting services we can fly for you right away.

Discover Freedom


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