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Multi Engine Certificate

The Diamond Aircraft, DA62 will spoil pilots and passengers alike. This turbo multi-engine aircraft comes with an extra-large cabin, adjustable front seats, folding three-seat second row, and an optional folding two-seat third-row bench.

Diamond's is an industry leader in aircraft safety. Active safety features help avoid potential accidents. Diamond's passive safety features are designed to minimize the probability and degree of injury if the unexpected happens. As a result, the DA62 offers the ultimate handling, stability, control, and ease of operation.

With a turbo multi-engine aircraft among our fleet, you now can obtain your Multi-Engine Certificate with Elevate Aviation. Earn your Private and/or Commercial Multi-Engine certificate or build time with an instructor today. This aircraft is for training purposes only. Renters will not be allowed to solo in the DA62 except for a check-ride.

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