Avoiding the Airport with a Personal Plane
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Avoiding the Airport with a Personal Plane

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There are numerous perks of flying on a private plane. From convenience to luxury, the merits are endless. Although seats on a private plane can cost more than commercial flights, the advantages that come with it make the opportunity worth the price. You save time not only by skipping check-in and baggage claim lines but also by getting work done while in transit. One of the most significant benefits of flying on a personal plane is avoiding commercial airports.

Private Planes Can Land at Private Airstrips

There are only a handful of commercial airports even across the United States. Private planes are given the authority to land at privately owned or a variety of other airstrips spread across the country. According to rough estimates, there are about 5,000 small airports in America compared to only about 500 commercial sites where airliners can land. This means that flying on a private plane gives you greater accessibility.

Time-Efficiency and Convenience

Avoiding commercial airports means that you can land closer to your destination. In the process, you save time and have greater accessibility, especially in terms of commute. Land near your intended destination and get there without any major hassles. You are already skipping various lines like security check-in and baggage collection. Even your escort can arrive directly beside the plane, providing a quick exit most of the time.

Variety of other Benefits

Flying on a personal plane is not just about being able to avoid commercial airports; it is much more than that. You travel stress-free, enjoy privacy, comfort, and luxury at unprecedented levels, avail fewer baggage restrictions, and have an overall wholesome experience.


Private jet travel has increased rapidly over the years. With prices varying widely and some seats on personal planes being extremely affordable, the demand is surging considerably.

If you are looking to fly on a personal plane, get in touch with Elevate Aviation today for a comprehensive flying experience.

Posted on Jun 27, 2022
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Cirrus Aircraft



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