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About Elevate Aviation

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Elevate Aviation is the certified Cirrus Aircraft flight training center for Utah. Our services include professional pilot services, flight training & instruction, aircraft management, airplane rentals, and more. We utilize the Cirrus Aircraft, specifically engineered to offer you the affordable aircraft lifestyle you dream of.

Privet Jet and Aircraft Services

With our professional piloting services, you'll have the freedom to travel where you want, when you want, without airline hassles. Our programs are specifically designed for aircraft owners who wish to own an airplane or jet but wish to refrain from flying themselves. If flying is becoming more than a hobby or interest, imagine where your life will take you in a personal Aircraft.

Flight Training & Education

For those looking for Flight Training, it is common for a pilot new to Cirrus Aircraft to be conditioned to ignore the CAPS system and feel uncomfortable with its unique site picture on landing, the GCU, and various other factors. It is also common for long-time Cirrus owners to develop different habits that may affect safety. Cirrus Aircraft recognizes the importance of continued interaction with its clients and the need to keep our flying skills proficient. We facilitate those needs. We are here to help.

Quality & Tenured Flight Instructors

In your search for quality flight instructors, we hope you know that a good instructor will recognize the importance of adequately training in an aircraft before instructing others. Many instructors are willing to teach an unfamiliar plane without proficiency or knowledge - and many schools support such instructors. Unfortunately, that has led to intelligent, capable individuals not making it home to their families, and sometimes family members pay the price directly.

Each of our flight instructors is trained to factory standards in Cirrus Aircraft. We understand and fully support The Cirrus Approach. We hope you recognize the importance of a properly trained flight instructor.

Invest in Quality and Safety

We invest a lot into your safety and ours. We wholly embrace our company values: Learn, Prepare, Improve, and Lead. We continue learning and training in our aircraft. We continue to prepare ourselves and work hard at improving our skills as pilots and instructors. We strive to lead with our example. We do so in hopes that it will encourage others to keep their flying skills sharp equally.

Outstanding Team of Pilots

Meet our team of talented and fabulous pilots ready to help you achieve your flying and aircraft goals. We specialize in flight training, instrument rating, airline career path, jet ownership through aircraft acquisition, and more.

Our Team