The Do’s & Don’ts Of Learning To Fly
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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Learning To Fly

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Learn To Fly

Recreational flying is becoming more and more practical for individual travelers. Long drives can be really boring and tedious, and there’s no traffic jams or speed limits in the sky! Additionally, pilots come from all different income levels. Blue-collar workers as well CEOs of major companies can all become pilots.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Flying

Below are some of the basic things you should do (and should avoid doing!) when learning how to fly:


  • Take Introductory Lessons – Almost every flight school will offer introductory flight lessons at greatly reduced prices. You won’t need to commit to anything further and you’ll still get to fly the plane! This is a great option for someone trying to decide if flying is right for them.
  • Pick The Type Of License You Want – There are many different licensing levels for pilots. For example, you need to decide if you want to be a professional pilot or just fly for fun. Once you’ve chosen your level of commitment, your instructor can help you choose which license would best fit your preferences.
  • Find A Compatible Instructor – You’re going to be spending many hours with your instructor, so it’s important to find one who you’re compatible with. If you aren’t comfortable asking important questions or if you feel like you aren’t learning, you may want to request someone new.
  • Continue To Learn – Even after you earn your license, it’s still important to continue learning. Head out with an instructor any time you get a chance; this will make you a much better pilot in the end.


  • Let Money Get In The Way – Many people believe that flying is a much too expensive hobby, but you’d be surprised at how cost effective it really is. For example, lets look at fishing – you’ll need a rod, a license, a boat, and an SUV with which to tow the boat. It may surprise you to learn that a plan costs less than many SUV’s! And if you don’t fly enough to justify purchasing your own plane, they can be rented for trips.
  • Get Discouraged – Just like with any profession or hobby, there will be days that you don’t feel like you’re cut out for flying. Push through, keep up the hard work, and try, try, try! If you need to take a short break, go ahead, but if you quit altogether, you’ll never know how far you can go.
  • Get In Over Your Head – Taking basic lessons will help you know what to expect from a routine flight, and what the instruments in your plane are used for. However, we recommend you don’t get overconfident and attempt to fly your plane in bad weather or heavy winds until you’ve had plenty of training.

At Elevate Aviation, we’re sure that, by following the tips above, you can learn to fly and have a great experience doing it! For more information, please contact our Salt Lake City, Utah flying center. We offer flying lessons, plane management, and other pilot services all around Utah!

Posted on Apr 26, 2017
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