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Leading Edge Flight Training's Flight Courses in Utah

Two cirrus aircrafts flying over mountains

Becoming a pilot is a dream shared by many. With humanity being physically unable to fly, the idea of soaring through the skies is an exciting one. But the journey to becoming a pilot is a rigorous one, requiring lots of training and commitment.

Let’s look at some of the basic flight training you’ll need to become a pilot.

Foundational Training

The first step of flight training is where you have to master the basics of aviation. In these courses, aspiring pilots get into aircraft systems, aerodynamics, navigation, and meteorology.

Foundational training courses usually have about 40-60 hours of flight time and lay the groundwork for developing the skills you need to control an aircraft.

Precise Navigation

Once you have the basics down, you’ll move on to precision navigation. Here, you focus on navigating without relying on visual references. This is very important because if you’re flying in different weather conditions, you’ll frequently find yourself in low-visibility scenarios.

Through this training, pilots gain a deeper understanding of avionics systems and hone the competency to navigate through instruments and not visuals.

Advanced Flight Maneuvers

Advanced flight maneuvering courses introduce pilots to more complex approaches to flight and emergency procedures. These build on the skills acquired in the early stages, and the phase focuses on the pilot’s capability to handle challenging situations. It reinforces the importance of quick and effective decision-making while in the air.

Multi-Engine Training

Most pilots will encounter aircraft with more complex machinery. Multi-engine training dives into the complexities of managing aircraft with multiple engines, addressing issues such as asymmetric thrust and engine management.

This specialized training ensures pilots are well-prepared to handle advanced aircraft.

If you’re wondering how to become a pilot, the first step is to sign up for flight training courses! Elevate Aviation has several courses for aspiring pilots. We’ll make sure you’re just as comfortable in the air as you are on the ground!

Posted on Dec 11, 2023
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