Personal Aviation vs. Public Aviation - Learning to Fly
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Personal Aviation vs. Public Aviation - Learning to Fly

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Every person who has a passion for soaring the skies daydreams about how to become a pilot. It is a profession that offers excitement, adrenaline, and a host of other benefits. No experience can substitute being able to fly somewhere on your own, avoiding traffic and various other hassles you would otherwise encounter.

Learning to fly is quite similar, whether you are exploring the opportunity of personal or public aviation. Flying a smaller aircraft, of course, has different parameters than piloting a commercial airliner, and similarly, the requisite training for each differs. You will need appropriate licensing and certifications if you wish to learn how to fly either personally or as a public aviation expert.

Personal Aviation

Personal aviation involves smaller jets like Cessna or Gulf Streams. To learn how to fly these aircraft, potential pilots require a minimum of 40 hours of flight instruction which includes 10 hours of solo flying, passing the FAA Private Pilot written exam, learning basic controls, and flight maneuvers like landing, taking off, dead reckoning and GPS navigation. Together, these elements constitute personal aviation training for pilots.

Public Aviation

Public aviation entails that a pilot may be flying a host of passengers and get paid for it. They can either travel privately through charter planes or commercially through large airlines. The Commercial Pilot License requires more rigorous and extensive training than personal aviation. However, with the exact details of each training varying from institution to institution, there are still some details that are constant. The FAA requires commercial pilots to have 250 hours of flight time, 100 hours of pilot-in-command time, 20 hours of training, 10 hours of solo training, and 50 hours of cross-country flying.


In order to learn how to fly, be it personal or public aviation, aspiring candidates must know what will be required of them. Since the process is rigorous, it takes commitment and hard work to ace.

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Posted on Jul 25, 2022
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Cirrus Aircraft



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