The SF50 Cirrus Jet Can Fly 800 Miles in 2.5 Hours
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The SF50 Cirrus Jet Can Fly 800 miles in 2.5 Hours

Cirrus aircraft

If you ever plan to own a jet or want to learn to fly a jet, make sure you opt for the SF50 Cirrus Jet. It’s not every day that an aircraft wins the flying innovation award and the Collier Trophy in the same calendar year. However, Cirrus Aircraft didn’t sit peacefully after bagging these two accolades. Instead, they jumped straight into creating a new iteration for the aircraft.

In 2017, the company got into developing the new SF50 Cirrus Aircraft Jet. The result was a second-generation aircraft that offered various technological advancements, performance enhancements, and comfort features.

SF50 Cirrus Jet: Facts

This aircraft is capable of covering 800 miles in 2.5 hours. Moreover, it offers a 100 nautical miles higher range at a longer cruise of 240 KTAs, thus providing a range of 1200 nautical miles. Furthermore, the pilots can carry extra payload when flying at a maximum thrust power setting. If you fly an 800-nautical-mile mission, you can carry a payload of an extra 150 pounds. If you fly a 1000 nautical mile mission, your weight limit for extra payload can soar to 170 pounds.

The single-engine jet is now about to provide commercial services. The Florida-based aviation company Verijet has six of these aircraft but plans to expand its fleet up to 130. In charter versions, this aircraft can house four adults and two children that weigh around 90 pounds collectively.

Final Word

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Posted on Aug 28, 2023
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