What Is Aircraft Management?
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What Is Aircraft Management?

Cirrus Aircraft

Aircraft are some of the most prized possessions for their respective owners. However, they are not like road-going vehicles in terms of maintenance. Aircraft management requires round-the-clock professional assistance and is, therefore, extremely crucial for owners. Here’s everything to know about aircraft management:

What Do These Services Entail?

In its most basic sense, the phrase "aircraft management" refers to the wide range of services that an aviation management business provides. While other organizations offer a full-service turnkey program, a few airplane managing companies only handle particular facets of airplane operation and maintenance.

Turnkey Aircraft Maintenance

Whatever services the owner of a private jet would require are provided by turnkey aircraft management. A personal jet management business assumes complete control of the aircraft under this scheme for managing planes. The owner of the jet abdicates all operational duties to the jet management business, freeing them from dealing with the ongoing demands of owning a plane.

One of the primary services provided by a turnkey airplane care program is the administration of crews, repairs and maintenance, compliance with FAA regulations, and accounting duties. Additionally, they frequently set up any necessary schedule details for flights as well as crew training. As a result, a jet owner's obligations as an aircraft owner are simplified when they select a turnkey aircraft maintenance business.

Chartered Aircraft Management

When choosing an aircraft management company, jet owners will want to know if the business also offers charter services. A jet owner can generate income and considerably lower the expense of ownership by enabling an aviation maintenance firm to charter their plane when they aren't using it. Many would-be aircraft owners discover that working with a management firm that offers charter services makes owning an aircraft more affordable than anticipated.


Aircraft management is a technical job, but it is essential to ensure that every airplane remains fully functional for the time when it may be required. This is where you, as a jet owner, require the reliable expertise offered by Elevate Aviation. So, get in touch with us today.

Posted on Oct 25, 2022
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Cirrus Aircraft



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