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Aircraft Type Rating

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A Type Rating is an aircraft certification granted by aviation authorities for pilots who have finished training and passed testing on a specific aircraft type. A type rating certification allows pilots to operate various types of aircraft. Further recertification is required to maintain the type rating every 6 to 12 months.

A type rating can be either a single-engine type rating or a multi-engine type rating. When a type rating certification is obtained, a pilot is limited to flying within the parameters of the certification - either single-engine or multi-engine. This also applies to the type of aircraft the type rating has been issued for.

Vision Jet SF50 Type Rating Certification

A pilot must complete an approved training program and pass a written and practical test to obtain a type rating certification. Elevate Aviation is supported to provide the Pre-Type-Training to help you prepare for your Type Rating Certification. The Type Rating for the SF50 requires a week of ground class & simulator training followed by five simulator sessions the following week. It culminates in a Checkride performed in the Full-Motion Simulator to receive the type rating certification.

Elevate Aviation offers a variety of top-rated flight training programs. With highly capable and experienced flight instructors, you can receive the pre-training needed to help obtain the Type Rating you need to fly the aircraft of your choice. We can help you prepare to pass your Type Rating.


How do I start Learning to Fly a plane?

You can become a pilot. Fly commercially or privately. Elevate Aviation has helped many men and women just like you become pilots.

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