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Aircraft Type Rating

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A Type Rating is an aircraft certification granted by aviation authorities for pilots who have finished training and passed testing on a specific aircraft type. A type rating certification allows pilots to operate various types of aircraft. Further recertification is required to maintain the type rating every 6 to 12 months.

A type rating can be either a single-engine type rating or a multi-engine type rating. When a type rating certification is obtained, a pilot is limited to flying within the parameters of the certification - either single-engine or multi-engine. This also applies to the type of aircraft the type rating has been issued for.

Preparing for a Type Rating Certification

A pilot must complete an approved training program and pass a written and practical test to obtain a type rating certification. Elevate Aviation has been approved to provide the necessary training required for many types of type rating certifications. And, as long as the pilot maintains their type rating certification, re-training will not be necessary.

Elevate Aviation offers a variety of top-rated flight training programs, including type rating courses. With highly capable and experienced flight instructors, you can obtain the type rating you need to fly the aircraft of your choice.

How do I start Learning to Fly a plane?

You can become a pilot. Fly commercially or privately. Elevate Aviation has helped many men and women just like you become pilots.

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    Earning your pilot certificate or instrument rating is an exceptional experience with many rewards. Take advantage of being apart of our training center. If need be, we adapt to your demanding schedule with customized flight training.


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