Benefits of Airplane Rental
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Benefits of Airplane Rental

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Cirrus plane in flightIt takes many hours of training and numerous courses to become a certified pilot. Even then, owning an aircraft is an expensive proposition. Not only do they cost more than many can afford to purchase, but they also require a lot of maintenance. Luckily, there is an alternative to purchasing an airplane that still allows pilots to feel the joy of flying without the headaches and costs associated with ownership.

Plane Rental in Salt Lake City, Utah

Below are the top 10 benefits of renting an aircraft:

  • easier on the BUDGET - In general, for pilots who are training or fly a relatively low number of hours throughout the year, renting is much more affordable than buying an airplane outright. Until you are flying an average of 100 hours or more a year, renting is the way to go.
  • ideal FOR PLEASURE CRUISIN - Rental services normally charge by the hour making a great option for short sunset flights or quick training sessions. Rental planes are perfect for soaring the sky at your leisure.
  • Take PASSENGERS with you - Whether you are flying with family, by yourself or a crew of business executives, the number of passengers can change drastically. Renting gives you the flexibility of expanding or decreasing the size of your aircraft when necessary.
  • enjoy a VARIETY OF AIRCRAFT - If you own a plane, you’re kind of stuck with what you have. Renting affords you the luxury of picking from a fleet of airplanes providing a wide variety of options and capabilities.
  • Gain experience flying MULTIPLE TYPES OF AIRCRAFT - Because renting allows you to fly different types of airplanes, this gives you the ability to gain needed experience flying many types of aircraft. This is perfect for pilots who want to expand their skills and prepare themselves for qualifying for a commercial license.
  • NO need for MAINTENANCE - Rental services are responsible for the maintenance, check-ups and detailing of the planes. As a renter you won’t have to worry about replacing parts, hiring mechanics or going through inspections.
  • TRY planes BEFORE YOU BUY - Renting gives pilots the opportunity to try several different types of aircraft before they make a purchase decision. Before buying, try renting to find out which plane is best for you.
  • MORE CONVENIEnt - You might think that owning your own plane and having access to it 24/7 would be more convenient, but that also comes along with added maintenance requirements that could leave you grounded if you don’t have a reliable mechanic.
  • NO unexpected MAINTENANCE costs - Airplanes have to operate under strict regulations and must be in tip-top shape before it’s flyable. Maintenance expenses can be extremely expensive and unaffordable for the average person.
  • OFF-SET HIGH INSURANCE COSTS OF BEING A STUDENT - Insurance not something that not many think about when calculating the costs of owning a plane. A student pilot will see high insurance costs at the very beginning of their training which can be avoided by renting

To rent an airplane today or for more information about plane rental, please contact Elevate Aviation located here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Posted on Feb 25, 2019
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