Vision Jet – The Safest and Most Affordable Jet to Own
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Vision Jet – The Safest and Most Affordable Jet to Own

Cirrus Aircraft

The brains behind the stunning G2+ Vision Jet are Cirrus Aircraft, a leading brand in personal aviation. The aircraft's simplicity and efficiency eliminate the need for a professional pilot in a budget-friendly way. If you want to learn how to fly an aircraft, this should be your first choice.

Read on to find out how Vision Jet is perhaps the safest and most affordable jet to own.


The most outstanding feature of the Vision Jet is its Safe Return Emergency Autoland System. If the pilot is incapacitated, simply push the big red button, and the G2+ will navigate to the nearest airport for landing by finding the best and the safest route. It will also establish communication with air traffic control and allow passengers to land safely and exit the aircraft.

The Vision Jet Safety Return emergency auto-land system was awarded type certificate approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in July 2021. It is truly a revolutionary step in in-flight safety.


Cirrus airplane owners are used to regular updates to keep the aircraft's top-notch. The Vision Jet received several updates, enhancing an already stellar performance.

The G2+ now comes with In-Flight Wi-fi and USB-C ports. The Flex cargo management system includes cargo attachments on the seating, ensuring large items such as bicycles, water coolers, and luggage can also be transported. The system itself doesn't add any weight to the jet, making it quite efficient.


"Colorways" is their newest paint scheme giving the G2+ even more variety. Colors like Titan Grey, Volt, and Bimini Blue are daring additions that have been received favorably.

New features include an increased cruise altitude, increased range, and a faster speed. The Vision Jet is also equipped with the newly upgraded Perspective Touch+ by Garmin flight deck.


The G2+ Vision Jet is a stunning marvel of engineering and technology and is sure to impress even the most fussy of users. At an astoundingly low cost of just $2.98 million, the G2+ Vision Jet costs much less than its competitors yet provides even better features.

Visit our website if you want to learn how to become a pilot. Cirrus Aircraft provides the best learning experience with incomparable comfort for its passengers and pilots.

Posted on Apr 25, 2022
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Cirrus Aircraft



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