You Don’t Need to Own a Plane to Fly One
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You Don’t Need to Own a Plane to Fly One

Cirrus Aircraft

There is no better feeling than piloting through the air on a solo flight. However, you don’t need to own a plane to fly one. With Elevate Aviation, you can not only rent an airplane of your choice but also learn how to fly one. Here are four reasons why you should rent an airplane instead of buying one:

1. Less-Invasive Security

Even though security is an essential part of the flying experience, it has become more invasive with time. When you rent an airplane, you save yourself from going through the privacy-invading security check. This also gives you peace of mind as the risk of a chartered plane security breach is less than a commercial flight.

2. Point-to-Point Travel

You get from point A to point B when you rent an airplane without wasting your time on unnecessary stops. With Elevate Aviation, you and your loved ones reach your destination in the most comfortable and fastest way.

3. Privacy

Although there isn’t any problem in sharing a commercial flight with 200 passengers, post-COVID, you and your loved ones can get uncomfortable when sharing a space with so many people. When you rent an airplane, you don’t have to worry about exposure to an unhygienic environment, crying babies, or lost luggage.

4. Avoid High Insurance Rates

Pilots with low hours or the ones still learning receive a higher insurance quota in comparison to seasoned pilots. This is where renting an airplane will save you from the extra cost, all while giving you the freedom to complete your flying hours or practice.

Learn How to Fly with Elevate Aviation

Planning to rent an airplane in Utah? At Elevate Aviation, we provide quality aviation services. Whether you want to learn how to become a pilot or want to learn to fly, contact the Elevate Aviation professionals today!

Posted on Apr 12, 2022
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Cirrus Aircraft



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