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Aircraft Training & Instruction

  • Airline Career Path

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    If you are new to aviation and want a career with the airlines or other opportunities within the aviation industry, then this program is for you. Sign up today and become a commercial pilot in as little as 7 MONTHS! Our Zero to Hero program takes you from start to employment opportunities as a commercial pilot.

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  • Customized Flight Training

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    Do you already have a pilot license and are looking for additional training? We offer personalized, customized flight training that allows you to continue your education and earn additional rating certificates. We tailor our flight training program to accommodate your busy work and life schedule! Train one-on-one with our highly trained flight instructors. 

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The Cirrus aircraft is the premier aircraft in general aviation. Whether you are looking for training or rental, we have the programs to meet your needs. Come discover what is meant by “the Cirrus Life.” You will receive one-on-one education on the safety features, advantages, and enjoyment of the Cirrus aircraft that set them apart from the rest. You will get to sit in the pilot’s seat aside a factory trained instructor to see the world as only a pilot can and you will have the opportunity to manipulate the controls of the aircraft. The opportunity is life-changing and the service is second to none. Learn to fly a plane and how to become a pilot.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to upgrade, the Cirrus aircraft is the premier aircraft in general aviation. Not only is the aircraft designed with the highest safety standards, but it is also fitted with the most advanced flight management system. Come train with us and discover what is meant by “the Cirrus Life.” Already a Cirrus owner? We provide all of the Cirrus training courses that keep you proficient and safe in the air.

Begin flight training Today!

To get ahead of the game there are a number of FFA approved aviation training devices (ATD or AATD) to help you begin your flight training. Also, we offer flight sim, or flight simulators here on our campus. Training happens in the sky and in simulators. To learn more about our flight simulator, please contact us today. 

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