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Custom Flight Training

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  • Professional Career Path

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    If you are new to aviation and want a career with the airlines or other opportunities within the aviation industry, then this program is for you. Sign up today and become a commercial pilot in as little as 7 MONTHS! Our Zero to Hero program takes you from start to employment opportunities as a commercial pilot.

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  • Customized Flight Training

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    Do you already have a pilot license and are looking for additional training? We offer personalized, customized flight training that allows you to continue your education and earn additional rating certificates. We tailor our flight training program to accommodate your busy work and life schedule! Train one-on-one with our highly trained flight instructors. 

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Learn to Fly

Our flight team specializes in helping you achieve your pilot's certificate, instrument rating, commercial pilot's license, or flight instructor certificate. Elevate Aviation offers all these services and can customize your plan according to your needs.

Many successful individuals have busy schedules that don't allow them to dedicate the weekly time it generally takes to complete the tasks required to obtain the ratings or certificates. It would help if you didn't miss out on your dream simply because your schedule isn't conducive to flight training. Personalized custom flight training is an alternative for those with such a schedule.

The advantage of being a Part 61 training center is that it allows the flexibility to tailor your training that best fits your busy lifestyle. In addition, this unique and exciting freedom will enable us to take our training across the country. If you purchase the aircraft or jet beforehand and have the aircraft registration, we can also include some border excursions. Consider going as far as Europe with the special open-water training.

A custom-tailored program will allow you to receive quality flight training in real-world situations that you may not be able to obtain through a traditional flight training program.

Call Elevate Aviation at 801-845-9955 to help you realize the dream of learning to fly!

Utah's Flight Training Center

The FAA requires at least 40 hours of flight training to earn a private pilot license. An accelerated personal pilot program can get you through flight training in as little as 4 weeks. However, most pilots spend 60-65 hours perfecting their skills.

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Aircraft Type Rating & Recurrent Training Courses

The FAA grants a Type Rating certification for pilots who have finished training and passed testing requirements on a specific aircraft type. Recertification is required to maintain the type rating every 6 to 12 months, depending on the aircraft type.

Preparing for a Type Rating Certification

Elevate Aviation is certified to provide the necessary training for several aircraft types for your type rating. Before testing for your upcoming type rating certification or recertification, trust Elevate Aviation to help you refresh your skills.

Recurrent Training

Prepare for your Recurrent Training in the SF50. The FFA mandates refresher courses and training for pilots to maintain their licenses. The courses are designed to help pilots refresh potentially lifesaving skills not practiced during routine flights. Our 3-day courses meet FAA guidelines to help you maintain your qualifications.