Cirrus Life

Come discover what is meant
by “the Cirrus Life.”

We offer training and instructions with Cirrus aircraft in Salt Lake City, Utah. We also offer an array of aircraft services including: flying lessons, instruction, aircraft maintenance, plane rentals, and more. The Cirrus aircraft utilizes technology to drive enhanced aircraft safety, high performance, sophistication, and comfort. Welcome to the era in personal transportation as Cirrus has introduced personal planes and personal jets for individual ownership and use.

Owning a Cirrus plane is more than a hobby. You are choosing a whole new lifestyle full of new freedoms, choices and responsibilities unlike anything else. Join the Cirrus family of owners and become a part of the future today.

Our Core Values:

  • Learn - The world continues to change more each day. Learning enables us to adapt and say ahead. Learning is a fundamental of safe practices.
  • Improve - Coupled with learning, the will and desire to apply that learning and effectuate change is how we improve. We continue to seek out how we can be more safe and provide better service
  • Prepare - Applying what we learn so that we may improve, affords us the ability to prepare. Proper preparation is what we strive for so that we protect all that is important to us.
  • Lead - Proper preparedness through change and growth allows us to set an example to those we serve and those we train.

We apply these core values daily with our instructors, pilots and clients. We work directly with all of our clients to foster the most current safety practices and develop habits that will make them safe pilots. We want every client, whether they are working toward their private pilot certificate or are relying on us to provide a personal pilot, to know they are in trustworthy capable hands.

Your Personal Aircraft


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