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Personal Aviation

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Personal aviation is a luxury and a half. While you may opt to fly your aircraft, rent a plane, or hire a professional pilot, the convenience of personal aviation stands second to none.

Aircraft or Jet Ownership

Owning an aircraft opens doors to convenience, freedom, luxury, and efficiency. Although you may opt to rent a plane, there is no guarantee of availability at a moment's notice. Owning a personal airplane or jet will provide you with that guarantee. The benefits of aircraft ownership are many:

  • Never worry about being late for a flight or spending all the extra time getting through security and waiting at the gate to find out that your flight has been delayed or, worse, canceled.
  • Front row and first-class seat every time.
  • Change your destination mid-flight! 
  • Need to be able to work while you travel without interruption? Not a problem. You can have the best office with a view!
  • No more waiting for luggage to come off the carousel. 
  • More airports to choose from that get you closer to your destination.

Take control of your travel and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

The Cirrus Approach

Become a safer pilot! Cirrus Aircraft is well known for providing ample attention to satisfy every detail and luxury, but, more importantly, the company holds nothing of higher value than your safety. These aircraft are the safest, most technologically advanced creations to support your personal aviation needs. The support system is based on The Cirrus Approach.

Each and every day, the profound passion for everyone at Cirrus is to create safer airplanes, safer pilots, and safer skies. Not just for Cirrus pilots, but all pilots. Flying safely will always be our most fundamental mission. The Cirrus Approach is our revolutionary take on the flight training industry. Just as Cirrus Aircraft has revolutionized general aviation aircraft over the past 15 years, Cirrus is once again going to change an industry. Pilots know that regular recurrent training has an enormous positive impact on the proficiency and safety of pilots, but we also know that it is difficult to make time for this training and the training itself is often repetitive and basic. Cirrus is changing the way pilots think about training and what it means to be a proficient pilot. Instead of currency being a specific major event or two over the course of a year, pilots enrolled in The Cirrus Approach will be able to choose from a menu of courses and classes that will be fresh and engaging, which will, most importantly, keep pilots current and proficient.


Learn to Fly

The Cirrus Life

Discover the innovations and technology that have led Cirrus for the past 15 years. We offer training and instruction with Cirrus aircraft in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition, we provide aircraft services beyond flying lessons and instruction, including aircraft management, plane rentals, and more.

The Cirrus aircraft utilize technology to drive enhanced aircraft safety, high performance, sophistication, and comfort. Welcome to the era of personal transportation that will enable the lifestyle you've dreamed of through private planes and personal jets for individual ownership and use.

Owning a Cirrus plane is more than a hobby. You are choosing a whole new lifestyle full of new freedoms, choices, and responsibilities unlike anything else. Join the Cirrus family of owners and become a part of the future today.

Elevate Aviation Core Values:

  • Learn - As technology advances and as each individual wants to progress, learning becomes pivotal in the process of being safe and staying ahead.
  • Improve - It's human nature to forget, to become rusty. The antidote is to consistently work on improving. As we relearn what was forgotten or learn something new, that continued effort to improve will keep us sharp and ready to learn more.
  • Prepare - Proper preparation saves lives! As we continue to improve on what we learn, we develop a better ability to properly prepare to protect all that is important to us.
  • Lead - Safety is our focus! By utilizing the safest approach, our clients will have the best example to follow.

cirrus_logo.pngWe apply these core values daily with our instructors, pilots, and clients. We work directly with all of our clients to foster the most current safety practices and develop habits that will make them safe pilots. We want every client, whether they are working toward their private pilot certificate or are relying on us to provide a personal pilot, to know they are in trustworthy capable hands.