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Professional Career Path

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  • Professional Career Path

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    If you are new to aviation and want a career with the airlines or other opportunities within the aviation industry, then this program is for you. Sign up today and become a commercial pilot in as little as 7 MONTHS! Our Zero to Hero program takes you from start to employment opportunities as a commercial pilot.

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  • Customized Flight Training

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    Do you already have a pilot license and are looking for additional training? We offer personalized, customized flight training that allows you to continue your education and earn additional rating certificates. We tailor our flight training program to accommodate your busy work and life schedule! Train one-on-one with our highly trained flight instructors. 

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Flight School for Commercial Airlines

Are you looking to become an airline career pilot? A career path within the airline industry is in high demand and the quicker you can get there, the better off you are. Our program can take you from zero experience to a trained aircraft professional in as little as 7 months.

Our Airline Career Path Program offers you the training and resources you need to become a successful airline pilot. Complete our program in as little as seven months and start flying as an airline pilot once you accumulate your flight hours.

  • Pilot Certification through Commercial and Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI - Single, Instrument)
  • Airline Pilot Training Program with Airline-Oriented Training from Day One
  • Fixed Cost in the Shortest Time Frame
  • Flight Instructor Job Placement Available
  • Pilot Recruiting Events During Training

Your Guide To A Major Airline

Elevate Aviation is primed to offer the best training for future airline pilots. With current and former commercial pilots on staff, learn from pilots who understand the airline industry. Within a short time you will be qualified to work for any major airline. With outstanding training and the most direct route for a career as a pilot, we should be your top pick.

  • Aircraft for training with the most advanced safety features
  • Training program that involves over 120 hours of interactive ground instruction
  • Close interactive environment with quality individuals
  • In class incentives for participation and performance
  • High Performance Endorsement
  • Access to the Cirrus LMS and network

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Flight Training Timeline
From Zero Experience to Airline Pilot

  • Step 1
    7 Months

    Graduate Our Airline Career Path Program

    From the first day, you will be immersed in airline and flight training. Our program is set up to get you trained within 7 months. Complete the Career Program as a Certified Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot.
  • Step 2
    18-24 Months

    Gain Flight Experience

    Build flight time towards the ATP minimum requirements via time as an instructor, tour pilot, pipeline pilot, cargo pilot, or any number of other options.
  • Step 3
    Airline Pilot Career

    It typically takes about 18 months as an instructor to gain the necessary hours. Begin flying with a Regional Airline to build Part 121 Experience and work towards the minimums for Major Airlines or work in the Corporate sectors flying business jets.
  • Step 4
    Major Airline Pilot

    For those looking to fly at the Major Airlines, pilots have spent as little as 3 years with the Regionals before moving on to the Majors. Some pilots opt to stay at the Regionals as they gain seniority earning better pay and more control of their schedule. You will have various options, all of which are a dream come true!

Commercial Pilot High-Performance Endorsement

Complete the Airline Career Pilot Program in a Cirrus SR22T and earn your high-performance endorsement.

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