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Jet Ownership & Acquisition

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The reality of owning the world's first Personal Jet™ is more accessible and affordable than ever. The Vision Jet™ program is designed as a completely turnkey program to include everything you need to own, operate and manage a Vision Jet.

Luxury Private Jets For Sale

The Vision Jet is becoming the world's best-selling general aviation jet with added safety assurance. In addition, Vision Jet is an exceptional personal aviation solution to buying a plane. Elevate Aviation is excited to provide you with a direct path to complete aircraft ownership, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of personal aviation. Let us connect you to private luxury jets for sale.

Buying a Plane

Purchasing an aircraft has never been easier. Consider how your plane will be managed once you purchase your airplane or jet. Our turnkey comprehensive aircraft management program for your Vision Jet or other aircraft unlocks the unique benefits of having direct access to a Cirrus Aircraft team and highly experienced pilots. We provide exceptional aircraft management services, professional pilot services, and offer flight training for your new or used aircraft. Our aircraft management program includes on-demand professional pilots, concierge services, maintenance scheduling, aircraft storage, options for insurance coverage, and more.

Fractional Jet Ownership Vs. Ownership

Fractional jet ownership is a method of owning a private jet aircraft by purchasing shares in the jet - somewhat like a timeshare. Shared ownership limits aircraft access. Its benefit is in sharing ownership costs. When you fully own your aircraft, you have complete control over your private jet travel experience. The Vision Jet™ program offers a total ownership solution that goes far beyond fractional ownership and charter services.

About Cirrus Aircraft & the Vision Jet

Cirrus Aircraft is recognized as a global leader in personal aviation. The world's first single-engine personal jet, the Vision Jet, was ushered in from Cirrus. Enhancements to the Vision Jet have continued to offer enhanced performance, comfort, and safety. The Safe Return System and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) provide the ultimate level of safety – exclusively available in the Vision Jet.

Recurrent Training

Prepare for your Recurrent Training in the SF50. The FAA requires pilots to maintain their qualifications regularly through Recurrent Training, a refresher required annually as a typed jet pilot. Let Elevate Aviation help you prepare to pass your Recurrent Training.

Small Private Jets for SaleThe Vision Jet

The Vision Jet is anything but cheap - affordable, yes - not cheap. With the highest standards in safety and increased performance, comfort, and control, the Vision Jet stands second to none in personal aviation.

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